Mindfulness: There Is A Reason India Has So Many Festivals

Love, attachment and affection lose their warmth over time. Sometimes, physical gap between people affect the kind of affection they have for each other. Out of sight, out of mind.

That is why India has so many festivals. We have several rituals to meet each other. Such occasions bring us together.

We need to water the roots of our relationships during the coronavirus crisis. Complaints increase the stress.

The garbage inside the mind creates problems. That’s why dust should not be allowed to settle down. The deeper the dust goes, more the pain in relationship grows. The pain will be as deep as it is inside the mind.

It is not hard to do. It is just that we are out of practice. Things that are not part of our memory, gradually fades away.

What has the horse got to do with the destination? You may take him wherever you like. He will go as you wish, till its reigns are in your hand. He has nothing to do with good/bad, scientific/unscientific or feasible/unfeasible. He is ready to follow you. He is trained that way.

We have seen huge elephant tied with a thin chain. He could never think that he can break it and become free. That is what he has been taught since childhood. Here, read elephant as mind.

The mind works as per its training. It will work accordingly. It can never be alert and comfortable with relationship. Love supplies oxygen to the mind. This keeps it healthy. That is why alertness for love is must.